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It's Just Skin Unisex Statement T Shirt

It's Just Skin Unisex Statement T Shirt

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Many shades abound, but at the end…It’s Just Skin.

When my son was in preschool, I picked him up one day to find he was fixated on the fact that people identify themselves and others as certain colors. He knew the sky was blue and grass was green and he had crayons that matched. But when it came to people, the black crayon looked like no none he knew and the white crayon didn’t either. He went through many crayons and set aside the colors Caramel, Almond, Brown Sugar and a few others that looked like the skin colors of our family and friends. We talked about how many colors/ shades exist because our ancestors come from different areas of the world and so on. Thankfully he didn’t stay fixated on it for long and when he seemed to be over it, he said “Welp, it’s just skin”.

The minimalist yet compelling design features the phrase "It's Just Skin" in a bold and inclusive font, making a clear statement that skin color is just one aspect of our identity. This simple yet profound message resonates across cultures, serving as a positive reminder that the beauty of humanity lies in our diversity.


Unisex Heavy 100% Cotton short sleeve t shirt

Sports Grey is the only color shirt this design is offered in.

Cold water wash, tumble dry low, iron inside out.

Vinyl design is created, cut and pressed in house. 

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